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If you’ve served a sentence for a crime and are ready to move forward with your life, call Derek L. Casey to see if you are eligible to wipe the slate clean with an expungement.

Expungements in Modesto, CA

An expungement can mean a fresh start in life—a second chance to chase your dreams and find stability without a criminal record holding you back. With an expungement, you can reenter a plea of not guilty in your case and have a judge dismiss the case. Because you no longer have to disclose the conviction on job applications, an expungement can free you to seek more employment opportunities, obtain professional licenses, and so much more.

For a full review of your eligibility for an expungement, contact Derek L. Casey today. He will provide a thorough consultation to help you determine your eligibility and options. Don’t put your future on hold any longer—hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to streamline your journey to a new beginning.

When to Hire an Attorney for an Expungement in California

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An expungement can free you from all penalties and disabilities that result from a criminal conviction, but in order to obtain one, you must file a petition. This process is extremely complex, requiring a number of forms that must be completed in full and without error. Thankfully, Derek L. Casey has all the experience necessary to get the details right and get you back on your feet faster.

In order to be eligible for expungement, generally, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You successfully completed any formal or informal probation that was required of you
  • You are not currently charged with, on probation for, or serving a sentence for a criminal offense
  • You served time in a county prison, NOT a state prison
  • Your crime was a misdemeanor, or you and your attorney can reduce your felony to a misdemeanor (certain felonies can never be expunged).

California Expungement FAQs

What convictions cannot be expunged under California law?
Certain crimes can’t be expunged, whether or not you fulfilled your probation terms. These include child pornography crimes, lewd acts with a child, and certain other sexual assault crimes. If you served time in state prison as opposed to county prison, your conviction cannot be expunged. Finally, if you violated probation for the crime in question, you will no longer be eligible to expunge your record.
Will my expunged record show up on a background check?

An expungement hides the charge and/or conviction from the public view, and ideally, this means that it will be hidden from employers, journalists, landlords, and any other member of the public. If a third-party background checking company already has the record, though, it is difficult to remove it from their database. 

However, legally, if a conviction has been expunged, an employer may NOT use it to deny your application, promotion, or raise unless the crime is related directly to the job. Additionally, criminal convictions can only be reported on background checks for seven years under California civil code.

How long is a misdemeanor on your criminal record?
Misdemeanors will stay on your record for the rest of your life unless you petition for an expungement. Even after the seven-year rule for background checks, without an expungement, any member of the public can search for your criminal record and see your past convictions. With an expungement, you can truthfully check the box that says you have not been convicted of a crime on any job, loan, or licensing applications.

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