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Violent Crimes
Being convicted of a violent crime can have devastating and long-lasting consequences on your life, impacting not only the freedom you enjoy today but also your future endeavors.

Violent Crime Defense Attorney in Modesto, CA

California penal code categorizes 23 offenses as violent crimes. While the circumstances, outcomes, and methods of violence differ greatly, all felony violent crime convictions share one aspect: they will count as a strike under the Three Strikes Law. Even having a misdemeanor violent crime on your record can prevent you from obtaining employment, housing, custody of your children, and citizenship status. 

The seriousness of a violent crime charge is exactly why you need a skilled and trustworthy attorney to advocate for you and represent your best interests. Derek L. Casey will look at every possible angle of your case and stage a strong defense against the harsh sentencing these convictions often carry.

When to Hire an Attorney for Violent Crimes in California

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We expect certain offenses to be charged as violent crimes: murder, manslaughter, and rape, for example. However, actual physical contact is not always required for a violent crime conviction. For example, a person could be charged with assault if they performed any act that put a reasonable person in fear for their safety, whether or not that person was injured.

Because there are so many violent crime charges, each carrying its own serious and lasting consequences, you need an attorney who is prepared to provide you with an excellent defense. 

Derek L. Casey has successfully defended clients against charges including, but not limited to: 

  • Assault
  • Arson
  • Robbery
  • Criminal threats
  • Mayhem
  • Carjacking

California Violent Crime FAQs

What is a violent offense in California?
California penal code §667.5(c) lists out the definitions of 23 violent crimes in full. Do note that though these are all described as felonies, not every violent crime in California is automatically charged as a felony. Simple assault, for example, is usually a misdemeanor. Your defense may very well rest on the ability of your attorney to analyze the details of your case and argue for a lighter charge.
What is the Three Strikes Law?
Under California penal code §667, violent or serious felony crimes are counted as “strikes” against your criminal record. After your first strike, if you are convicted of any violent felony or serious felony crime, your sentence will be double the usual sentence. The third strike results in a minimum sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment. You can fight a violent crime charge in a multitude of ways—call Derek L. Casey to protect your rights and your future.
In what circumstances can self-defense be justified?

Self-defense is a highly complex issue that requires a thorough understanding of the law and the unique circumstances of the case. In general, the following must be proven for a violent crime to be categorized as self-defense:

  • A person threatened to use or did use unlawful physical force against you
  • You were genuinely in fear for your life with a reasonable basis
  • You did not harm or provoke the other person before the act of self-defense
  • You had no reasonable chance of retreating or escaping the situation

Self-defense is not the only possible defense against a violent crime charge, however. Derek L. Casey will examine all of your options, thoroughly investigate your situation, and stage the strongest defense that he can.

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