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When you’re facing criminal charges or seeking justice for an injury, trust Derek L. Casey to provide expert counsel with his thorough understanding of for Placer, CA and Surrounding Areas’ legal system.

Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyer in for Placer, CA and Surrounding Areas

Derek L. Casey is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney who was born, raised, and educated in Modesto, CA. After attending law school in Sacramento, he chose to return to this place because he wanted to give back to the community that gave so much to him. When you’re seeking expert legal counsel, trust a local attorney who knows the laws, systems, and potential pitfalls inside and out.

Tenacious Spirit

Whatever the best possible outcome is for your case, Derek L. Casey will identify it and fight for it, working with you every step of the way to act on your behalf.

Adaptable Action

With extensive experience navigating California law, Derek L. Casey has the insight and intuition to adapt to any information or circumstances that may arise in your case.

Fresh Perspective

No matter how open-and-shut your case may seem to the prosecution, Derek L. Casey will look at it from every angle, giving it the same due attention and respect as any other case.

Personal Connection

Our firm is committed to helping the diverse communities in and around Placer, CA. You’ll never be just another case number when you call us.

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